‘God is Speaking through Atwoli’ Vihiga women rep to Ruto!

Vihigi county women representative Beatrice Adagala has come to the aid of COTU general Francis Atwoli against attacks from team tanga tanga following his recent controversial statements over Dp Ruto’s 2022 fate.

Speaking on Thursday, Adagala told off the tanga tanga team for lacking respect towards western leaders.

She said they had no mandate to force their preferred candidate down the throats of Kenyans, especially the Mulembe nation. She observed that it might be God speaking through the secretary general on Ruto’s future terming the recent ‘bible misquote’ by Ruto as a clear indication.

“It might be God speaking through Atwoli” and the DP is “misquoting of the Scripture”.

“The Bible I know tells me that you should never add nor subtract anything from the word of God, but the DP added by quoting Mathew 6:35 which doesn’t exist. This is a clear indication he was not the right candidate,” Adagala said.

A team of MPs allied to DP William Ruto had viciously attacked Atwoli after he spoke at a fundraiser in Lamu last week, saying Ruto’s name will not be on the ballot in 2022.

Adagala said Atwoli was within his rights to voice his opinion about Ruto’s suitability for the presidency.

“You should stop abusing and calling Atwoli names. He has a right to speak about his presidential candidate preference in 2022 or any other year. As one of the Luhya leaders, he is entitled to give us direction,” she said in Vihiga after she registered for Huduma Namba.

On Monday, other MPs defended Atwoli and urged the government to ban Tanga Tanga rallies. They said the team has been preaching hate and dividing Kenyans.

DP allies from Western have questioned how Atwoli can claim Ruto will not be on the ballot, yet he is not God. They have urged the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to probe Atwoli’s remarks.

Atwoli has said he does not wish Ruto dead and his message was that the DP will not be in the next government after changes are made to the Constitution.

Despite the President warning against 2022 early campaings, the move has already gained momentum from members from both sides each accusing the other of undermining their candidate and witch huntings

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