GOOD NEWS LADIES! Reverse your “Deflowering” using these 6 simple ways

It sounds funny but there are ways to restore your virginity.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to do that, but why not? Sometimes you may just want a new beginning and want a fresh experience altogether. If restoring your virginity will make you happier then these are the things you ought to try and do so.

1. Work those pelvic floor muscles

The recipe for this is to get orgasms, as you get orgasms you actually get to tone your pelvic floor muscles. With more orgasms , your pelvic muscles become stronger and with stronger pelvic floor muscles, you can have more orgasms.

how to restore your virginity
2. This list would be incomplete without kegel workouts

You obviously have to do your kegels if you want to get that tight vagina. Find pelvic floor exercise on YouTube they are meant to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which make everything down there hold up.

how to restore your virginity
3. Use geisha balls

Sometimes only exercising is not effective to tighten your vagina. You need to insert geisha balls which are also known ben-wa-balls .These are very helpful in quickly restoring the elasticity of your Vagina.

how to restore your virginity
4. Pilates and yoga 

I know we don’t really do this in Kenya and it seems like it’s only for the rich but pilates and yoga are meant to make you flexible. Get into a workout class for pilates and yoga that will just get you going.

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5. Maintain a healthy diet

For the growth and repair of your muscles, you need to make sure that you are taking a complete diet. If you really want to have a tight vagina, then start taking a healthy diet full of carbohydrates , animal protein and organic fruits and vegetables.

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6. Use aloe vera

Aloe vera is just that plant that is good for everything. Whether you’re experiencing a dry vagina or whatever is going on down there, aloe vera has your back. In addition to tightening your virginity, it is very helpful for getting relief from irritation and dryness at the area.

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Your vagina is part of your body so if you want it to be stronger or if you want to feel like a virgin again then it’s okay. You need to be committed and dedicated just like you would for any part of your body.

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