Dear Men, here’s the REAL reason she’s “Faking it” in the Bedroom

We fake orgasms sometimes…actually a lot of the time.

There are obvious reasons why women fake orgasms. First of all, we don’t want to let our bae’s down, we’d rather reassure them. Even in bed, we are emotionally concerned about the next person. Second of all, sometimes men tend to keep asking and we get tired of saying no.

However, part of the reason we are faking it stems from how our minds and bodies work, you may be surprised by the following.

1. We fake it because whoever we are sleeping with isn’t attractive enough

A study by University of Ottawa that was conducted claimed that the more handsome the man you are sleeping with, the more likely you would get an orgasm. This is the result of genetic quality that is perceived in more handsome men. So if you find yourself struggling, maybe it’s because your man isn’t as easy on the eyes.

scientific women fake orgasms
2. We are single (even though we are willing to mingle).

Research has discovered that women who are single are half as likely to come during casual sex as they are in relationships (at a rate of about 40 versus 75 percent). So single women are more inclined to fake it maybe because they don’t comfortable enough to ask their partner for what they want.

Communication is key ladies.

women fake orgasms science
3. Vaginal orgasms don’t exactly exist.

Yep. A  review published in the journal Clinical Anatomy in 2014 has shown that what we once thought were “vaginal” orgasms are actually just clitoral ones. The interior portion of the clitoris is wrapped around the vagina, and, it can be stimulated yes, however it’s very unlikely your man will manage to all of the time.

women fake orgasm

What surprised you the most?

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