Billions found in Al Bashir home, what next for former dictator?

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It is a bad day for longest-serving president of Sudan Al Bashir as his evil doings are haunting him to the core.

Waking up to losing the power of a country he led for three decades and getting a house arrest in two weeks have been too much to handle.

On Saturday, bundles of cash wrapped up in thousands were found at his home

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The former dictator is now being investigated for money laundering, prosecutors say.

Security services found euros, dollars and Sudanese pounds totaling more than Ksh 13 billion.

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The ex-leader was placed under house arrest after months of protests led to his removal.

The protesters vow not to tire until all the despots of his regime are ousted and power given to civilian.

The military is now ruling and they promised to give power once the security is reinstated.

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Reports say Mr Bashir is now being held at the Kobar high-security prison.

The source also confirmed Mr Bashir was under investigation, telling Reuters prosecutors would “question the former president in Kobar prison”.

A picture carried by the Netherlands-based media outlet Radio Dabanga shows men in army uniforms standing over what appears to be several sacks full of cash

This political instability in 2013 which led to deaths of hundreds of thousands and Omar Al-Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Could the Pandora’s box be opened or is it upto the Sudan government to make a call?

What next for Al Bashir?

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