Victoria Kimani discloses the meaning of her tattoos

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The ‘wash it’ hitmaker, Victoria Kimani decided to reveal what her fans doesn’t know about her. She takes her music career from her father who was a musician. Both of her parents are pastors.

Victoria has three tattoos on her forearm and they all have different meanings. The first one represents beauty, the second one represents courage while the third one shows that she is a bad girl.

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For the love of Africa, Victoria also has an African map tattoo on her upper arm. She loves making memories and that’s why she got tattoos to describe who she is.

Victoria, lived with her parents in America for a long time hence her much American adopted culture. She has been in the music industry for quite a long time but she said that her recent song ‘Wash it’ is her greatest project so far. The song was received with great love from the first time she released it.

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She is also in love with her project with her fellow Kenyan artiste, Stella Mwangi. They together worked on a new hit ‘Number 1’. She says that through the song, she encourages everyone to believe that they are the best and have self-confidence.

Victoria warned all who attend her shows that she doesn’t dress to impress men. She emotionally recalled a show she held at Kisii and a man shamelessly grabbed her booty. This pissed her so much hence cautioning her fans that she dresses to be who she is but not to impress anyone.

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“I want to be a positive influence to all those who look upon me as their role models. Do not be carried away by social media life. Be the best you can be,” she concluded.

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