Billions of Money Found Hidden in Bashir Bedroom

Deposed Sudan dictator Omar Al-Bashir hid millions of dollars in his bedroom!

In a viral video that has got Twitter on fire, loads of cash are seen being used in a currency counting machine.

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Deposed Sudan leader Omar Al-Bashir rose to power through a military coup, and has been at the helm of the oil-rich country for a decade!

Wanted for humanitarian crimes, Bashir has been jailed by the military and is currently under close supervision by the military.

Bashir was ousted after months of extended protests which culminated into a military intervention that led to his ouster.

Fresh tension is mounting in the oil-rich country as citizens demand self-rule.

The country has changed leaders twice after the coup, with the military hinting that it would take them at least two years to conduct a general election.

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