Beyonce Embarking On The Biggest World Tour Yet

Rumor has it that Beyonce is planning a world tour following the success of her Netflix documentary.

This world tour is set to take place in 2020 and the first stop will be the Olympic Stadium in London .

According to The Sun, Beyonce is a worker bee – one of the hardest grafters in the industry and she is already planning one of her biggest tours yet for next year.

Beyonce is said to be planning a huge world tour (Image: Getty Images for Coachella)

“She will spend the rest of this year filming during the summer for Lion King and other projects, then taking a lot of downtime with Jay and the children.

“All the while she will be rehearsing, recording and writing new material ahead of her next tour.”

Beyonce, who is also mum to seven-year-old Blue Ivy, has also been busy mentoring some new acts alongside her team as part of her Beygood charity for young entrepreneurs.

Insiders claimed this was supposed to be a “year off” for Beyonce but that she couldn’t wait to plan next year’s shows.

Documentary Homecoming dropped on Netflix this week, getting fans very excited.

It features lots of behind the scenes footage from Coachella, where Beyonce’s performance was watched by millions of people around the world.

Beyonce also gives fans access to her life as they watch her journey back to the stage after the birth of her twins.

The singer is seen working to regain her pre-pregnancy levels of fitness and lets fans get to know what she’s like off stage.

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