You could be Addicted to Lungula….You just don’t know

Abnormally, normal!

Let’s save the pleasantries and get straight into it, you love sex, as much as we all do. It’s our human conditioning and there’s nothing wrong with this. But much sex, is too much sex? Is there even such a thing as sex addiction?

sex addict
1.   Multiple partners

You can’t stay faithful to one partner, multiple partners equate to more sexual partners to feed that sexual urge.

2. Compulsive masturbation

Masturbation is normal, societal beliefs aside, do what makes you happy when D! isn’t available. Masturbation is believed to be more pronounced in men. but its all but the same in women. How often you masturbate could be the problem especially if affects your work and family life.

sex addict
3. Sex with strangers

Does every person of the opposite sex turn you on? do you get sexually aroused easily? Is sex the only thing on your mind when meeting someone? Are you most likely to have sex with a prostitute more frequently than usual? You could be a sex addict.

4. Prolonged use of pornography

Has pron replaced your love life? your normal engagement with your television? Is porn all you have time for? Have you been at it for years? Then there’s a problem!

sex addict

Calculate your score out four and let the truth be unveiled. If you know your behaviour is inappropriate but you’re unable to keep it under control, it’s time to have an open and honest talk with a trustworthy person. If your partner is understanding, your life will become much easier.

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