WhatsApp Will Soon Not Allow Screenshots

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Everybody has been a victim of screenshotting their friends’ status for future reference, however, WhatsApp is working on ensuring the privacy of your status is guarded.

Whatsapp is putting across settings that will allow you to block people from screenshotting your status and could be extended to conversations.

The social media company has provided the authentication feature they were testing a while ago. If you enable ‘unlock with fingerprint’, taking screenshots will be blocked. The feature is still not available yet.

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This is a surprisingly weird implementation for this kind of feature. In other social networks like Snapchat or in Telegram Secret Chats, the feature is on by default so there is no need to remember to enable fingerprint to unlock for you to disable taking screenshots.

When people are sharing sensitive information, blocking screenshots by default gives the conversation an aura of ‘privacy’ where you are sure the other party won’t take screenshots to use it for other uses. In some cases like Telegram’s Secret Chat, screenshots are blocked by default in addition to an expiry timer which when you set, deletes everything in the chat when the time expires.

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Despite the weird implementation by WhatsApp, this feature (when enabled) will become pretty useful to the multitudes of people that use WhatsApp. It is quite fortunate that on Android, we see fingerprint scanners on budget devices all the way to the fancy in-display ones on more expensive phones so this won’t be an issue.

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