Struggles of the 4-Head Kenyan Girl “Gang”

There are things you will sadly relate to if you have a big forehead.

For starters, people around you have some silly jokes from telling you that you have a five head to a 8 head. When you have a big forehead you become creative with hairstyles, you learn to be creative to make it look smaller and you pray for a good hairline. Many Kenyan women have big foreheads so this list will seem like your everyday life.

1. You think of hairstyles to hide your forehead

You’re not about to show your forehead to the whole world so you would rather hide it. This would also mean that you may end up getting pimples on your forehead because of sweat, so, so sad!

Image result for hairstyle for black girl with big forehead
2. You learnt to contour your makeup

You have become the queen of makeup, because many lessons later you actually know how to make your forehead look more shapely.

3. People keep telling you you have a 5 forehead

Some Kenyans will even tell you that you have a 8 head and you just wonder why they think making fun of your facial features in funny, right?

big forehead
4. You can never put your hair up

Why on earth would you do that? You envy girls who can rock ponytails and just any kind of hairstyle because you have to be very selective when it comes to choosing what’s right for your pretty little head.

big foreheads
5. You try hide your forehead in pictures

You have learnt the art of cropping, it’s something you’re good at, as a matter of fact you really know how to edit pictures because you’re always trying to hide your forehead.

6. You keep reminding people that Rihanna has a big forehead

I mean this is simply consoling, pretty miss Rihanna was accepted with her forehead and so was Tyra banks so let’s all get on with it and get rid of all insecurities.

big forehead

This is not something you can get rid of so you better accept it as soon as possible. At the same time if you want hairstyles that make you comfortable then why not? Just don’t let anyone make you feel bad for what will forever be a part of you.

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