Sad! Woman forced to stay at KNH for over 2 years after childbirth

Caroline Nduta, who gave birth 2 years ago has had to stay in Kenyatta National Hospital after she developed severe amnesia hours after birth making her forget the entire delivery.

Amnesia is when a person can no longer memorize or recall information that is stored in memory. It is very rare, despite being a popular theme for movies and books.

Being a little forgetful is completely different to having amnesia. Amnesia refers to a large-scale loss of memories that should not have been forgotten.

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These may include important milestones in life, memorable events, key people in our lives, and vital facts we have been told or taught.

Nduta reportedly gave birth on the roadside in South C and was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital with her baby.

Hours later, she developed full-blown amnesia and couldn’t even remember her baby’s whereabouts and whether she had delivered.

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The baby had to be taken to a children’s home as none of her relatives showed up and she could not take care of her baby in such a situation.

The nurses have had to detain her in the hospital until she gets better.

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Amnesia is a deficit in memory caused by brain damage or disease.

It can also be caused temporarily by the use of various sedatives and hypnotic drugs. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost due to the extent of damage that was caused.

A common cause is a past traumatic event.
What is traumatic is dependent on what the person finds to be traumatic.

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Regardless, a traumatic event is an event where something so distressing occurs that the mind chooses to forget rather than deal with the stress.

A common example of amnesia that is caused by traumatic events is dissociative amnesia, which occurs when the person forgets an event that has deeply disturbed them.

An example would be a person forgetting a fatal and graphic car accident involving their loved ones.

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In most cases, amnesia resolves itself without treatment. However, if an underlying physical or mental disorder is present, treatment may be necessary.

Psychotherapy can help some patients. Hypnosis can be an effective way of recalling memories that have been forgotten.

Family support is crucial. Photographs, smells, and music may help.

Treatment often involves techniques and strategies to help compensate for the memory problem.

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