Ruto Suffers Major Blow as The Catholic Church Pass Resolution to Tame Him


Kenyan Churches have for a long time now been accused of being breading grounds for rogue politicians as they have time and again provided platforms for politicians to sprew venom, hate and lies.

One of the most affected Politicians in this aspect is Deputy President William Ruto and his Tanga Tanga movement. The DP has time and again graced different Kenyan Churches to worship only for the worship sessions to later turn to political talk.

Well, it seems like the days of Politicians with Ruto-like characters are almost over if the latest resolution by the Catholic church is anything to go by.


The Church through a resolution of the Conference of Bishops, has instructed priests to bar politicians from politicking in Church.

Speaking on Thursday, Bishop David Kamau said churches must remain true to what they are meant for, adding that politicians should politic elsewhere.

“We met recently as Catholic Bishops and passed a resolution that we should not allow politicians to interfere with our congregations or to bring politics in our churches,” said Bishop Kamau.

He added: “We would like our politicians to understand that we don’t want to mix issues. Let us leave politics where it belongs and the church where it belongs.”

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