Lawyer Nyakundi Give Moving Tribute of His Dead Son From His Hospital Bed

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They say that no one feels the pain of losing a child more than a Parent and such is the case of embattled Lawyer Assa Nyakundi.

Nyakundi is the chief suspect in the murder of his biological son whom he claimed he accidentally shot when trying to holster his firearm while in his car. The two were from church and were on their way home when the unfortunate incident took place.

Nyakundi has finally opened up on the unfortunate happenings even as his date with the Courts draw nearer.

Police have already taken Nyakundi’s statement and have even handed over his medical report to the Courts for determination whether he has a case to answer or fit to stand trial.

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As the stress of having to face Legal proceedings against him linger, Nyakundi is also facing a mountain to climb with regards to his Family’s unity.

His family is divided with his other son Noah apparently so much against him to an extent that he has not even paid him a visit at the Hospital.

As all this go on, Nyakundi took time yesterday to speak of the times he had with his now late son.

Mr Nyakundi has said that he loved his son and that they were very close.

“Both of us were Arsenal fans and I was trying to teach him some golf. We were preparing to take him abroad to further his studies,” he said.

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“A lot of things have been written in the media based on non-facts. Where I live is very open and the Judiciary Training College is on the road to my house, so how is it possible that the shot was fired from outside the car as people claim based on a postmortem report they have not seen?” he asked.

Mr Nyakundi on Wednesday refused to talk about what transpired in the car during the short commute from the church on Mombasa Road to his Muthaiga North residence.

“It is still an active investigation, so let us leave that to the correct channels to say what has been found out. With time the truth will come out,” he says.

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