Former Actor Machachari Refutes Gay Claims, Explains why he dresses like a Girl

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Former Machachari actor Almasi has been making headlines from his dressing for sometime now. The popular actor who went abroad to study has been facing harsh criticisms on social media majorly because of his new looks which many have claimed are feminine.

Almasi has also been rumored to be gay, a thing that he came out to deny.

Recently, he was on social media to explain why he dresses in such manner saying that he just mixes and matches things till they work. There’s no particular secret behind his dressing. He posted the photo on Instagram wearing male adjustable skirts, along with a stylish pullover which seemed to have surprised many.

Here is what he said:

“Someone Asked Me What My Style Is… I basically Take Things From My Wardrobe and Mix and Match Them Till I Find The Best Fits ? Or Just Wear All Black and Get out The House. Oooh And Vans work with EVERYTHING!! Such an Investment ?”

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