Weezdom talks Willy Paul into marriage

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Gospel Artist Weezdom has called on Willy Paul to marry saying that days are moving so fast.

Weezdom who is a close friend to Willy Paul added that people younger than Willy Paul are already married yet he does not seem to have a plan for that yet.

Willy Paul is now 25 years old and having a look at the celebrity lifestyle, most of them get married in their twenties or at least have publicly announced they are dating. Some would even be extra to reveal to their fans who they are dating.

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Weezdom in his post mentioned that Willy Paul has the money and is of age and therefore there is nothing that would stop him from tying the knot.

The Gospel artist believes that if Willy Paul makes the bold step and get a wife, he will open the doors for other bachelor artists.

On matters relationships Willy Paul has been on the low and has never really disclosed or hinted about the lady he is dating. Or maybe he single.We never really get to know.

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Despite Weezdom trying to talk him into marriage, it seems like Willy Paul is not ready for it yet.

In response, Willy Paul asks Weezdom to get a wife and marry first instead of throwing the ball to him.

Does Willy Paul seem like the artist who would publicly share about his dating life?

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