Want a Salary Raise? Try out these 5 Tips

You don’t get if you don’t ask!

This is often a tricky thing to ask for but if you feel you’re worthy of a pay rise, and you’ve compared what you do with other companies and have seen how much more you can get, then you have every right to ask.

Before you ask however you need the following information to hand as evidence backing up the reasons why you believe you are worthy of a pay rise:

Pay rise
Do you stand out?

Are you the kind of employer who stands out amongst other employees? Do you accept challenges and at times create the challenges? Do you communicate your ideas in a way that they are heard? Occasionally put your name forward to take on new tasks?

If it’s a yes on all those questions then you are indeed a valuable employee. You are adding value and even creating better business practices, so they know it would be wise to agree to a pay rise than to lose you.

pay rise
Keep evidence that shows how your worth has increased

From when you started, make a note of the things you do within your job description and the extra things that are not in your jurisdiction but yet you do them. Also, keep score of all things done on target and even those delivered before time.

In addition, set your own personal goal and maintain a personal achievement document that illustrates when you set and when you achieved them. This is also something you should share with your employer or supervisor, so they can also help hold you accountable.

Majority of what you have done the employer will be aware of and so it will not be easy for them to dispute your current track record.

Pay rise
Before you speak with your employer plan your approach

Timing is everything and it’s important you link your approach with around the time of the company’s review. Before speaking with the employer ensure you know your job description, evaluate yourself from having a clear understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses and lastly compare what other companies are paying for what you’re currently doing so you can have in mind the amount of money you could effectively get.

Showcase your work and your worth

Go all out and actually have a presentation that showcases your success and will help in arguing your case.

Do not use the time to ask for a raise as a pity party session where you complain about your life and family issues because your raise is not based on that but based on your asset value to the company.

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