‘Waking up at 3am to pray with my mum has changed a lot,’ Nadia Mukami narrates after attack on social media

Songbird Nadia Mukami has opened up on the struggle she has been going through, for the past few weeks.

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In a long post on Instagram, Ms Mukami said that the past three weeks have been the hardest of her life.

She went on to say that several bad stories about her made rounds on social media and at the same time she parted ways with someone she really liked after a legal battle. Nadia said that the people she called friends refused to even pick her calls.

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In the post, she also revealed that her dad who has been her number one supporter was not talking to her, but her mother stuck with her and kept on pushing her.

According to the ‘Radio love’ singer, her mother always reminded her of her greatness and she always woke her up to pray, sometimes at 3am in the morning.

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Ms. Mukami however, said that she had forgiven everyone and forgotten all that happened within the last three weeks.

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Nadia’s post;


Just imagine being Tiny/petite/a female artist/being in your early 20s in the Music Industry in Kenya. But I think I have the sweetest personality lol So, Ask me about my last 3 Weeks and I will tell you I have seen it all I was the topic of discussion on many whatsapp groups I have received all sorts of screenshots on my phone someone went to the extent of creating a new number just to send every gossip on blogs/newspaper sharing so that it gets popular 0780….. nishajua ni nani I have forgiven you. The same time, I got dumped by a guy I used to like in the midst of a legal issue, (this was the real wound) That time, some of my friends weren’t even picking my calls My Dad and I weren’t on talking terms and my dad is my biggest supporter. The only person who had my back was my mum, and I remember she told me be the bigger person always. She would wake me up to pray together at 3am and I am glad her prayers have been working lately. But amidst all this I have kept my ever smiling face,(I am kinda funny and fun lol) One thing about me, I NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS(I don’t do social media motivational quotes) I have been told I have cute, funny and amazing captions by my fans, so thanks. But anyways am here to tell anyone who is having a rough day, just smile amidst every storm it gets better I have forgiven and forgotten. The month of March, I will never forget Maan, I was told this relationship is over in the midst of the storm  .”

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