Uproar as police boss defends rogue officer who shot dead 17-year-old

A row in Migori’s Nyatike area arose when a 17-year-old boy who was at the market was shot by a police officer.

The officer is reported to have been dispersing a mob that was baying for the blood of a woman who was caught allegedly stealing from a local. The mob had threatened to lynch the woman.

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In a bid to disperse the crowd, police shot at the crowd, but unfortunately a stray bullet hit the boy leading to his death.

The 17-year-old Form Two student is said to have been in a nearby market helping his friend goods.

In response to the case however, Migori County police Commander Joseph Nthenge has said the boy was not killed by police, but by a stray bullet.

“It was a stray bullet, a stray bullet is not a police bullet, it was not aimed at anybody, it is just like an accident,” said Nthenge.

The enraged crowd on the other hand argued of the boy’s innocence, whom they said had nothing to do with the criminal mob.

“The boy was not in the rowdy crowd when he met his death; he was selling in the market. The bullet hit him in the stomach,” said Okinyi.

Mr Nthenge closed the heated argument, stating that police are already investigating the case.

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