Tedd Josiah’s Daughter Looking Exactly Like Her Late Mom (Photos)

Tedd Wife's Reginah Katar

Renown music producer Tedd Josiah took to social media yesterday to celebrate the birthday of his late wife Reginah Katar, who passed on in 2017, leaving behind a daughter known as Jay. He posted photos of his late wife and those of his daughter and for sure, the late Katar left behind a true self-image in her daughter.


His beautiful wife had succumbed to low platelet count which fell below normal after delivery. Josiah revealed these details after the demise of his wife in an emotional interview in the past.

In an emotional tone Tedd wrote a very clear message to his wife to celebrate her bitrhday.

More than a woman, more than a Queen, more than a friend, more than….. a beautiful, loving caring mother with the soul of an angel and voice of an angel 

One day your baby girl will watch these and know you love her and loved her and cared for her to your last breathe.

As we celebrate  your birthday  may God rest your soul and give you all the joy you gave others when you were here on earth.
Watch over #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress #GummyBear  as she grows and bring the right people into her life to guide her through…..
Happy birthday 🥳 and Rest Great Queen  Rest In Peace 
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

In a past post, Tedd has taken to social media to share a captivating post on how love surpasses everything, encouraging people out there to do the best for thier loved ones as love conqurers everything.

How time flies, Jay is growing up to be a replica of her late mum and the photos below prove it

Reginah Katar
Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah

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