Messi Explains His Two Goals, States Barcelona’s Inspiration

Lionel Messi led Barcelona in thrashing Manchester United 3-0 at Camp Nou on Tuesday.

With two sensational goals, Messi helped Barcelona qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions League.

And after the match, Argentinean superstar Lionel Messi spoke to the press on what it means defeating the Red Devils.

“This is a spectacular win, this shows who we are,” he was quoted by Sport.

“We were a bit cold and nervous in the first five minutes, I don’t know if the result from the first leg was a bit strange, but afterward we took control and played spectacular football.”

He explained his first goal: “It was lucky that it went in, I hit it hard, the second was a bit luckier, but the important thing is we got through the quarter-finals, which we haven’t done for some time.”

“We cannot come out like this in any Champions League game. We said that from the start, we have the Rome experience, you can’t make life hard for yourself because one mistake and you’re knocked out. We have to be aware of that.”

“Juve’s defeat says it all, Liverpool, Porto, whoever it will be, it will be hard, these are the best teams (left in),” he continued.

“We go step by step, little by little. Now we have to finish La Liga which is on track and not relaxes and later we can take on the semis as they deserve (to be approached).

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