‘Kijana round iko na moshene’ Robert Alai attacked over 3exual allegations against Ommy Dimpoz and Joho

When bongo musician, Ommy Dimpoz was ailing, the Mombasa governor Ali Joho, stepped out o help him. Ommy went through a 12 hours surgery which left him in a coma. Joho offered to take him o his personal doctor for check up. After his condition was sid to be severe, Joho and Ali Kiba raised money to take him to South Africa.

However, blogger Robert Alai has come out to claim that Joho and Ommy’s reltionship was not in vain. He said that the two have been ‘lovers’ “Ommy Dimpoz didn’t thank Joho for the treatment. The two men dated for a long time. It was a coded message. Guy was missing his lover.” This invited mixed reactions from KOT who stormed in to express their views;

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