How to Safely Handle a Colostomy Bag- Video

You can change your colostomy pouch as often as you want, usually after a bowel motion. For a one-piece closed pouch, you will need to replace the entire pouch.

With a two-piece pouch, you can replace the colostomy pouch as often as required and usually replace the baseplate (flange) once or twice a week.

If you are a colostomate who uses drainable pouches, they can be emptied whenever necessary. One piece drainable pouches are usually replaced every 2-3 days according to personal preference.

With two piece drainable systems, you can replace the pouch itself as often as required, and usually replace the baseplate once or twice a week.

How To Change Your Colostomy Bags

  1. Make sure you have everything you will need immediately to hand.
  2. Wash your hands. If you are not near running water, you can use an antibacterial hand cleanser.
  3. Supporting the skin with one hand, gently and slowly, ease the pouch off. You can use a medical adhesive remover to help remove the flange easily and gently.
  4. Empty the used pouch by cutting off the bottom of the pouch. Rinse the pouch under the flush of the lavatory and place it with any wipes etc into a plastic disposal bag (A home delivery service like SecuriCare will send these bags free with your supplies). Alternatively wrap it in a newspaper and put it in an ordinary biodegradable plastic bag.
  5. If you don’t want to empty the used pouch, you can put it straight into the disposal bag. Whatever you choose to do, when you are ready, put your disposal bag into the domestic refuse.

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