Court Permits Man to divorce 2 Quarrelsome wives

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On Wednesday Customary Court sitting dissolved the marriage between a man, Moruff Ajayi and his two wives, Suliyat and Kudirat, on grounds of irresponsible acts on the part of the wives.

The Nigerianews agency has reported that Ajayi married Suliyat, 26 years ago and Kudirat, 16 years ago giving them a difference of 10 years in marriage with the same man

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President of the court, Mr Moses Oyekanmi, granted the prayers of Ajayi, due to irreconcilable differences with his two wives.

Oyekanmi ordered that Suliyat and Kudirat be each served with a copy of the judgment.

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Reports show that Ajayi had told the court that he sent his two wives packing from his home in 2017 when he could no longer bear with their “troublesome behaviours”.

”My wives are fond of quarreling. I have no peace of mind. Whenever any member of my family intervenes, they do not listen.

‘Please separate me from my two wives. Since I sent them packing, I have been taking care of my children,” he said.

A Nigeria media house reports that the two defendants were, however,  not in court in spite of being summoned three times each.

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