Court declares Moi and Biwott land as public property

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Parcels of land previously identified under former President Daniel Moi and his ex Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott have officially changed hands as the Eldoret High Court has declared them public property.

The parcels of land, in which the High Court of Eldoret stands, the fire station, an Administration Police camp and the district hospital lie were ruled not to be available for alienation in a hearing by Justice Anthony Ombwayo.

Justice Ombwayo further declared titles held over the ownership of the land null and void.

“The creation and registration of a charge over those parcels was null and void and that the registration of Lima Limited as the lessee stands cancelled,” he ruled.

While the hospital, the High Court, the fire station and the AP camp still occupy the same parcels, the Judiciary took over some of the houses and put up the Children’s Court and the Environment and Land Court.

According to the EACC, the land sandwiched between Uganda Road, Oginga Ogina Street, Elgeyo Road and the road connecting Uganda Road at Zion Mall Junction was reserved for public utility.

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