‘You belong in Jail’ Joho Goes all attack on Ruto

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It seems fighting and insulting William Ruto was included as one of the pointers of the handshake. All opposition members are so obsessed with the man from Sugoi.

The latest wave attack comes from the Coast, where governor Hassan Joho believes Ruto should have been imprisoned long time ago.

Joho believes the DP and his Tanga Tanga team have a case to answer in matters graft.

“I really support the ongoing anti-graft war in the country. How can a leader oppose the fight against corruption? A thief is always a thief and they belong to jail,” said Mr Joho.

Joho was speaking in Lamu on Saturday where he had accompanied Francis Atwoli for a fundraiser.

The Mombasa governor who has also declared that he will be vying for President asked Ruto to stop calling himself hustler.

“Stop moving around pretending that you are a hustler while you’re not. How can a hustler live in a mansion costing billions while travelling in more than five choppers? Stop confusing Kenyans and the world who know the real hustler is a person who has nothing, can’t afford anything even his daily bread. He wakes up without knowing what he will eat today or tomorrow. That’s the real hustler that we Kenyans know my friend,”

It is in the same meeting that Atwoli told the public that Ruto will not be on the ballot in 2022. He even asked them to take his words to the bank.

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