What Femi One is cooking for fans as she turns 25

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Wanjiku Kimani alias Femi One is set to release an Extended Play (EP) in a weeks time.

The celebrated female rapper’s EP is to mark 25 years of her hard work as she turns 25 this month.

Her date of birth is April 25th which is significant in her life and which gives the name of her EP, XXV.

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The EP will have six songs all done by her under Kaka Empire with no features.

XXV means 25. Significant to me because I turn 25 on the 25th of this month.
Quarter life! It comes with a lot of things.
Mostly I give thanks!
For my gifts and how far I’ve come.
For the inspiration that I’ve gained these 25 years.

Femi One has done mega collabos which have been hits in the Kenyan industry. The songs include Lukuluku featuring Kristoff and Tippy toe.

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