Tuju clears the airwaves on Housing Levy, unveils unknown details

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju has cleared the airwaves on the newly introduced housing Levy.

The Government through a Gazette notice on Tuesday said that the Levy has come into effect, and is set to start by May 9, 2019.

Employers were directed to deduct a 1.5% Levy on the salaries of their employees.

Some Kenyans have told the Jubilee government that they are OK with paying rent and do not need new houses.

Kenyans are also questioning the ability of the Jubilee govt to deliver houses yet they have not delivered stadiums, or the famous laptops for primary school kids.

But Tuju says that the 1.5% deduction is a levy meant to benefit employees. According to Tuju, the housing levy is same to the normal pension which is safe. He argues that the employee can demand the money just like Pensions.

He says the levy is a form of compulsory saving. He says Employers are supposed to match the amount the employees are deducted

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