Netizens show Kipchumba Murkomen no mercy for quoting the Bible

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Do you know your Bible well? or you on the same league with Tangatanga team?

We have seen Gospel artists quoting Bible verses to justify their sins and ‘washing’ away their bad deeds using the Holy book.

But the trend with politicians quoting non-existing scriptures is either a new thing in the Bible history or it is a sign of end times.

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Mathew 6:35 quoted by Deputy President Dr. William Ruto on Sunday do not exist in all versions of the Bible.

The only thing he was right about are the words but not the verse. His ‘mtu wa mkono’ Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen has followed suit to quote Bible verses.

His message on the Bible did not go well with netizens who thought the senator is joking with the bible.

Do you know this story from Sunday school?

Netizens did not take it lightly and here are some of the reactions;

Another interesting reaction pointed out challenges faced by Kenyans in relation to the verse;

I think this quoting of the Bible should stop or maybe these leaders should do a refresher course on the knowledge of the Bible.

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