How illegal meat dealer in Nyeri stores meat from stolen animals before sell

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Health officers in Nyeri on Tuesday caught meat dealers in the act, handling uninspected meat before trade.

It is reported that the meat came from carcasses of animals that were found in guinea bags. The meat was found stashed in three freezers in the residential house.

The public health officers arrested John Ndegwa, who is believed to have been behind the storage of the meat, which is reported to have been for sale.

According to Mr. Joseph Macharia, a public health officer, preliminary findings ascertained that the meat had not been inspected and was therefore not safe for human consumption.

Led by sub-county police commander Paul Kuria, the officers indicated that they seek a court order to destroy the meat.

“We suspect that the meat may be from stolen cattle as there has been a rise in cases of livestock theft in the area,”  he said.

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