Boy Shaod hapa alijaribu akaweza

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The Boy child is always in an unseen battle of proving his worth to the girl child in terms of wit, strength, looks, wealth, and the ultimate being the charm power and when it is on Social Media for all to see better make sure you are not on the losing side.

We could say this is where it may have started the lady in question posted saying she really had a rough Monday which may have made her to feel a bit off about herself.

She then came back today with a full dose of confidence and decided to bless the her twitter feed with a lovely photo of herself,seated and from that one could see she was blessed with a good figure.

Men,guys decided to shoot their shot as they call it and tag some catchy phrases in response to the tweet and they slyest of them had to take the win for the day.

Gakumo 🇰🇪 Migwi

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