4 Great Outdoor Ideas for Easter

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The way modern life is set up, we don’t really get a chance to enjoy the outdoors as much as we should. But we should! Simply going out into nature can do so much for you, so get out there.

1. Vitamin D

Men will have you think they have the only Vitamin D you need. In reality, the sun is the best source for this vital vitamin. Vitamin D is responsible for regulating minerals in your body including calcium and is important for maintaining bone structure. It’s important to get a good amount and the sun is your best source.

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2.Stress Relief

The sheer fact of being alive means you will be exposed to stress. Dealing with stress is one of the great human battles.  A simple way to combat stress is to simply get outside and take a walk. Walking will release endorphins in your body which will trigger positive feelings.  Smell the rose is a saying you should take literally. Go out and try it.

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3.Step away from the screen

Screens dominate our lives. Whether you are sitting at your computer all day at work, on your phone, or watching TV, it seems we spend half our lives in front of a screen. This can be detrimental in several ways, from ruining your eyesight, creating bad posture habits and fostering bad social skills. Take time away from your screen and get out into the real world.

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4. Beauty

We live in a beautiful world. Living in the city, working, and dealing with the hassles of everyday and life can sometimes cause us to forget this. The natural world is a thing of beauty and taking time to appreciate it will bring you perspective and help you appreciate life. You are a part of the beauty after all.

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Life is hard but it’s beautiful too. Taking the time to convene with nature will help you appreciate this life and take your mind off the things that are weighing you down.

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