‘Your diarrhoea can shock a kid!’ Atwoli slammed over Ruto remarks

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On Saturday outspoken COTU secretary general, Francis Atwoli ruffled many feathers when he made remarks suggesting that DP William Ruto won’t be on the ballot papers come 2022.

Majority leader of the National assembly, Aden Duale came out guns blazing in ptotest and did not mince his words as he told off Atwoli.

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Duale said

Atwoli is the age of my father, I will not insult him since that’s not how I was raised. Respect your age! He spews verbal diarrhoea that leaves even a 3 year old to wonder. Be your age. Stop embarrassing yourself, or you’ll be confirming that “you’ve nothing between your ears”.

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In a video shared widely online, Atwoli is heard saying that there may be plans to ensure William Ruto’s name does not appear on the ballot papers come 2022.

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He says

2022 tutaenda uchaguzini kumchagua president na mtapiga kura sana na itakuwa kura ya amaani kwaajili tutakuwa tumebadilisha katiba. 

na atakaye chaguliwa president na deputy president, prime minister na deputy prime minister na wale wengine na mimi nataka kuwaambia kitu kimoja jina ya WSR haitakuwa

you can take it to the bank for free, na hiyo siyo mambo yangu, that is not mambo yangu, msichukuwe ni mambo yangu, usitake hayo ni mambo ya mwenyezi mungu mumba inchi

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