You are not having bad S3x, you just do not have enough time

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There’s sex. There’s good sex. And there’s spectacularly good sex. If it’s the latter, here are ten golden sex rules to guarantee that’s what you’ll get.

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If you’ve never done anything in bed that’s caused you the slightest bit of embarrassment, you win the award for The World’s Most Boring Lover.The World’s Best has had semen in their eye, pubic hair up their nose, broken wind at the worst possible moment, looked down at their body ,tripped over because their knickers were around their ankles and felt stupendously ridiculous because they tried something new and it went horribly wrong.

Your attitude is spot on, if you thought, Who cares!, when any or all of the above happened. You’re having sex, not performing live on You Tube.

Sex problems often aren’t sex problems at all, they’re time problems. Sort your life out so you’re making time for two sex sessions a week. I don’t care if the grand total of time spent on these two sessions is 10 minutes, it’s just a very good idea to connect sexually twice a week, minimum, unless you’ve got a really good reason not to. (You’ve just had a child).

If you really want to impress, it’d be nice if you spent at least 10 minutes on two of those sessions and set aside 30-45 minutes for the final one. A quarter of couples have sex once a week. A third have it twice. Only 15% have sex three times a week. Sixty one percent say a long session lasts 45 minutes.

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