Who will save Gor Mahia’s sinking ship?

Tokeo la picha la gor mahia sleeping on fllow

So finally after a troublesome weekend which slowly turned embarrassing and finally humiliation, RS Berkane finally put Gor Mahia out of their misery. The players, though not their fault, simply did not fancy playing the return leg despite a semi final berth in Africa’s second most prestigious tournament being on offer.

The fact that the 7-1 aggregate score is not the worst thing that has happened to Gor Mahia this week says everything you need to know on the state of Kenya’s most successful football club. Players were left to sleep on cold floors, probably having had nothing to eat, flights were delayed and they had literally zero time to prepare for their biggest game in the club’s history!

Tokeo la picha la gor mahia sleeping on fllow

All this points to a gross mismanagement of their resources but this is not the first time it has happened. Only last season, we had players going on a 3 week strike that was caused by unpaid salaries and allowances. During that period, K’ogallo had already secured the league title and were already out of continental relevance. Their job was seemingly done thus of no use to the club so why pay them, right?

Much has been said about Gor Mahia’s positive strides in the last few years but the real thorn in the side is yet to be dealt with; the players’ welfare. Think about this, these are guys with families to feed, rent and mortgages to pay, who put their bodies on the line for the team’s sake but go home empty handed while those responsible are busy stacking their bank accounts at their expense.

Tokeo la picha la gor mahia sleeping on fllow

Someone needs to stand up and account for this irresponsible and irrational behavior and they need do it now! Gor Mahia is Kenya’s best bet to establishing some bit of relevance and dominance in Africa’s club football but if the pattern that we are currently witnessing is anything to go by, that bet may be lost even before the starting whistle blows!

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