Scored A C+ And Below? This Is Why You Make The Perfect Entrepreneur

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If you scored below a C+ in your KCSE, today may not be a day of sunshine and rainbows for you.

Indeed, the disappointment of not having made it to university is deeply eating you inside, and you ponder whether life will really be worth it at a technical institution.

As a matter of fact, for the thousands that did not make the university cut-off, life can look pretty bleak right now.

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In our traditional African setup, making it to university is highly revered.

Indeed, our parents love nothing more than to brag to their neighbours about their precious child undertaking medicine at the University of Nairobi.

But for every cloud, there is a silver-lining. And here’s why…

The Ideal Entrepreneur is  A By-Product of A Tough Environment

History proves this; the best entrepreneurs aren’t always the most brilliant academic minds.

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In fact, the likes of Bill Gates and Larry Ellison prove this. And there’s a reason.

You see, students that excel academically are always expected to do well in life. Have the plummest jobs, the nicest cars, and the trophy spouse.

On the other hand, the C+ student is rarely perceived to be a high-achiever. So if they fail to perform well, it was expected.

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Which means they have minimal pressure applied to them. Whatever they do, it won’t be judged. So better to surprise everyone right?

You’re Not Tied Down By Your Career

Students who performed below expectations more often than not, usually end up in careers that they did not choose.

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Hence, for them leaving these jobs to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship as compared to individuals that chose the careers they wanted to specialize in.

And one of the most fundamental lessons of entrepreneurship is risk. You have to be able to risk your job to make money with your business.

You Know How To Adapt

Having the ability to adapt and succeed in any field is extremely important. Because of your versatility to hone a craft you had no interest in, you’re in a better position to see a business opportunity and go for it.

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The problem with high-performers is that they get comfortable in a particular position, and rarely have the grit to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

That being said, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you didn’t make it to university or college. If anything, you should see this as an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur in the country!

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