Mobile firms new tough penalties on call disruption

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Its high time the law took care of mobile customers who have for long lamented over service injustice which most of the time land on deaf ears yet their cash is not refunded.

The Kenya Information and Communications(Amendment) Bill 2019 is pushing for mobile companies to pay their customers sh 10 for each and every call dropped on their networks if the law is passed.

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The proposed amendment seeking to slap mobile firms with these penalties is seen as part of a renewed attempt to push them to improve their quality of services.

Fines will, however, be limited to three per day for every customer.

“A licensee is liable to credit a consumer who initiates a call that gets cut out after a connection by Sh10 worth of airtime for each call drop within its network for a maximum of three call drops per day,” the proposed amendment reads in part.

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The bill has now been published in a special issue of the Kenya Gazette and is sponsored by Gem Member of Parliament Elisha Otieno.

The bill as well proposes to allow telecommunications to start other business outside their industry which is set to disrupt several sectors.

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