‘I have nothing to tell you!’ Kanyari blasts Betty Bayo after stinginess claims

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Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari has emotionally indicated that he does not know if his ex wife Betty Bayo has moved on years after the two parted ways.

In an earlier interview, Betty said the two coordinate where possible because he (Kanyari) is a stingy man who provides little for his children.

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“I don’t think he is the kind of man you wake up and ask for everything,” Betty said, adding that she doesn’t miss him one bit.

But Kanyari denied being stingy. He said it all depends on what amount of money she asks for and how much he is able to give her.

“Every person is ‘stingy’, depending on what they can afford. Could be she wants Sh10 million and you don’t have; that is how the stinginess comes,” he said.

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Betty has finally moved on and is set to wed. She wrote on social media that she is engaged.

Asked if he has moved on, Kanyari said.

I don’t want to talk about if I have moved on or not, but if Betty has moved on, I don’t know, but I have nothing to tell her.

Betty is not a bad woman… She is a good person.

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Does he miss her?

“She is the mother of my two kids and she will always be,” he said.

Kanyari slammed his ex-wife singer Betty Bayo claims that he is a stingy father to their two children.

“I take care of my children and pay their school fees, which is expensive,” Kanyari said.

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He said he visits every term and it is he who chooses the school for his children. “She only provides for food, which we also help each other sometimes,” he said

“It costs me Sh450,000 every term because they are in one of the best schools.”

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