Interior CS Fred Matiangi closes in on DP Ruto noisy allies

Who could have thought Team Ruto-allied legislators would be on the receiving end this quickly? The withdrawal of security was a tactic employed by Jubilee months to 2017 General Elections to frustrate NASA MPs and Principals.

Such is life. Political scenes are like a rollercoster. One time up there, the next almost at the rock bottom.

Nonetheless, the state should stop this petty antics everytime. Security is a right to these elected representatives of the the people, their political affiliations notwithstanding. Exposing them to risk is intentional sabotage of democracy.

God forbid, imagine something awful like an MP’s death occurs after security withdrawal. You know what that means? Billions to conduct another by-election. Campaigns that disrupt constituency economy, with ripple effects on the country. Uncertainty that throws a whole constituency into a political frenzy.

At worst, a civil war and a country torn – where the politician killed is very popular and the competing masses result to war. World War I began with the assassination of a SINGLE politician in Sarajevo.

While it may look simple and easy to pull, certain trivialities should be avoided by the State. The costs can be very expensive.

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