How Monkeys in Murang’a Castrate goats and Eat their testicles

Monkeys have once again invaded a village in Murang’a county and this time they are killing and eating goats and chicken.

In Kabuta village, Kiharu constituency monkeys living in Kiamuti forest are not only invading farms but castrating he-goats, eating their testicles, eating chicken and wounding baby-goats.

“They are castrating our goats then chew their testicles. When they get chicken they varnish with them into the forest. The young goats are either plucked off the eyes or are perforated” Rebecca Wairimu, a resident lamented.

Residents said these primates are such daring that even armed police are unable to push them deep into the bush.

“They have taken everything on our farms. Cassava, pears, bananas, maize, pawpaws and chicken” Jane Njeri, an elderly resident said.

This young goat was plucked off eyes.

Mzee Joseph Mwangi said they also break into their houses and even when they bump on them in the act they can do little to stop them.

“They work in groups, so they don’t fear us unless we too are many. And if we kill them government will come for us. Now we are worried” Mzee Mwangi said.

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