#Kieleweke!! Jubilee Party secretary General is broke calls Uhuru for help

Laikipia County Jubilee party Chairman has been fined sh 300000 being the cost of the poll petition.

Mr. Geoffrey Githinji had petitioned the nomination of MCAs after he was left out the nomination.

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He was arraigned before Nanyuki chief magistrate Wendy Kagendo after being arrested for failure to pay the costs.

“We are demanding an outstanding amount of Sh 703,607 from the accused and a further Sh30,000 incurred while executing the warrant of arrest.”

Lawyer Thuku Mbaaro who represented a respondent in the petition said Githinji and others not before the court owed Sh733, 607 as the cost to the lawsuit that was concluded last year.

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Githinji’s lawyer Solomon Muhama told the court his client would comply with the orders and prayed for his release.

The case will be mentioned on April 23 when Githinji is expected to tell the court how he intends to pay the remaining debt. Kagendo ordered he be released.

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A warrant of arrest has been issued for two other party officials who are on the run.

A source from Laikipia has hinted that the Jubilee secretary general is broke and calls on interested parties to help him offset the debt.

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“Mr Githinji is broke and that why he has been ignoring to attend the court,i understand he has reached to governor Mureithi for help,’he said.

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