SECURE THE BAG, SIS! Cardi B reveals How Motherhood inspires her

Cardi B has more desire to earn money since she became a mother.

The ‘Money’ hitmaker – who has eight-month-old daughter Kulture with her Migos rapper husband Offset – has always “dated guys that had money” but she has never felt “comfortable” living off a partner’s income and now she’s got a burning ambition to become as rich as she can.

In an interview with The New York Times newspaper, in which she gave financial tips, the 26-year-old hip hop star admitted: “I can never be comfortable. I used to think my mom was paranoid. But as you get older you understand what your mom be talking to you about. I always dated guys that had money. But I didn’t have the money. What happens if we separate? I don’t want to be asking you for stuff – no, that’s not my style.”

The ‘I Like It’ rapper also revealed that working as a stripper and making a living through customers’ tips taught her a lot about managing her finances and explained how you have to “ask” to get what you want.

She said: “When I started becoming popular, I used to say, ‘I want y’ all to throw me money. Don’t even talk to me if y’ all not throwing me some money.’

“Then when they started seeing me, it was like, ‘Here, I know you want some money so let me throw it at you.’ You just gotta ask.”

Cardi recently admitted she had no “other choices” when she decided to become an exotic dancer but she needed to be able to keep a roof over her head.

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The ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer is “not proud” of the things she did to “survive” when she worked in strip clubs – but insisted she shouldn’t be judged for her past.

She said: “Don’t let people judge you. A lot of people said, ‘You don’t have to strip. You have other choices.’ No, the f**k I didn’t. Would I change anything? The f**k no.”

Cardi B has received 21 Billboard Awards nominations. The event set to go down on the 1st of May 2019. According to an article on Billboard, Cardi will compete against herself in three categories — top Hot 100 song, top-selling song, and top collaboration.

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