NACADA against weed legalization in Kenya

NACADA, says it will not approve recreational use of marijuana despite some politicians campaigning for its legalisation.

Vincent Muasya, a Director at the agency, says legalisation will only damage the country further.

Apart from politicians, some of Kenyan celebrities have also expressed their stand and publicly expressed their support towards the bill.

The Director also wants the government to Implement New Drug Abuse Laws in the spirit of strengthening the fight against drug abuse and its adverse effects

Chipukeezy noted that the country needs to amend laws that regulate Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances to provide for mechanisms to protect and safeguard the lives of people arrested for possession of drugs by recognizing that such people need help and are provided with the said medical help as a means of reforming them.

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“For instance, let has have an avenue where a Judicial Officer can commit an accused person to a Treatment and Rehabilitation Facility for them to get treated as well as acquire vocational training that can help them upon completion of the treatment process. ” he said

Chipukeezy also called for the government ministries to work closely and ensure that they help NACADA achieve its objectives.

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