Man in trouble for seducing in an unorthodox manner

Seduction is a process that if not well executed can land one in total shit.

The channels and words applied have a bearing on the end result.

A man has been implicated for trying to seduce a lady via text. Really!

A Kiambu man identified as Harun Mbafu Kongo has been sued for sending seductive text messages to a woman known very well to him.

The man is reported to have texted the woman on March 14, 2016, expressing his love for her saying he had been eyeing her for some time.

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 Mbafu was sued for using “offensive” language in his message to the woman identified as Eunice Gacambi Mwangi.

“On March 14, 2016, at about 9:30pm, Githiga village in Githunguri District within Kiambu county, by means of licensed communication system namely Safaricom Limited telephone number 0792413968 message to Eunice Gacambi Mwangi using offensive language,” read the charge sheet.

In the text message, the smitten man claimed he had secretly fallen in love with the woman’s beauty and could not hold it any longer as it drove him crazy.

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Mbafu claimed he had secretly fallen in love with the woman’s beauty and could not hold it any longer coz it drove him crazy.

“Hi madam,I just had to tell you the truth and do not be offended. I do not want to annoy you but when you talk to me, all I see is your beauty which drives me crazy. Let me just tell you the truth, I love you and I want you, do not be afraid of me,” said Mbafu.

He then wished Gacambi a good night after asking her to make the decision on whether to accept his proposal which definitely did not go well with the woman leading to him being charged in court.

“I have been forced to tell you the truth because I could not keep it any longer. I will let you make the decision, is that okay,? Sleep well, ” Mbafu added.

A photograph of the charge sheet has left Kenyans flapping their gums with many divided along gender lines.

Check out the photo of the charge sheet below:

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