ISSA FRAUD! Bonfire Adventures in Hot Soup

One of Kenya’s leading travel agencies Bonfire Adventures is being sued by two travel agencies for buying their domains.

Bonfires Adventures allegedly bought the domains of two competing Kenyan travel agencies; Bountiful Safaris and Trippy Go Tours and Travel as well as redirecting the sites to their own domain.

According to a letter by Bountiful Safaris dated April 5th, 2019, Bonfire is being accused of fraudulently using their name on the internet saying that they got complaints from customers in March 2019 about their site redirecting them to the Bonfire Adventures site.

The letter continues to say that on June 2nd, 2018, two domains and were registered and they redirect to the official Bonfire Adventures site. These sites expire in 2020. The letter notes that this is an abuse of their position in the market, that it is unethical and criminal under the provisions of sections 83U and 84B of the Kenya Information and Communications Act.

The letter by the second travel agency, Trippy Go also highlights the same predicament as Bountiful Safaris. The three travel agencies have not commented on this issue on social media.

Over the past two years, travel agencies have been booming with the influx of domestic travel but it is not that rosy. Seems like the Simon and Sarah Kabu owned business is playing dirty and wants to spoil the other companies prospects in getting clients.

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