How taking birth control pills protects against most fatal deadly cancer

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The birth control pill isn’t just one of the most effective types of contraception.

 These little pills offer a ton of other proven health payoffs, from reducing acne to easing cramps to regulating your period.

The protection that birth control pills offer against ovarian cancer is strongest with the most aggressive forms of the disease.

For several years, researchers have noted that women who have used oral contraceptives are less likely to develop ovarian cancer.

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New study shows that 579 patients who died within 12 months of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer to a control group of nearly 2,300 women without ovarian cancer.

Additionally, the study authors observed that for every five years of pill use, there was a 32% decrease in the odds of developing one of the more deadly forms of ovarian cancer. 

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Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths in almost all countries.

Researchers believe this is the first large, multicenter study to examine the link between birth control pill use and the risk of highly fatal ovarian cancer.

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