How missing Amref doctor met her cruel death at Coast hospital

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An Amref-Kenya nurse, who went missing from her Nairobi home one month ago and was later found unconscious in Mombasa died yesterday.

Margaret Kilelu, 30, died at Coast Provincial General Hospital’s intensive care unit where she was admitted for more than a month.

Earlier, the hospital chief administrator Iqbal Khandwala said a doctor’s report had indicated Kilelu had a blood infection. Before her disappearance, she had been admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital for depression-related illness.

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Even as the family of Ms Kilelu tries to come to terms with the news of her death a myriad of questions remain unanswered.

Lydia Opiyo, who had known the deceased for over ten years, described her as a family oriented woman who loved her family and she was ever happy.

“Maggy, as I always call her was a quiet woman who was ever happy, calm all the time and really loved her family,” said Lydia.

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Lydia said the doctors have been trying to wake her up from the ICU bed for the last two months.

“No one knows what happened, Maggy has died with the truth since she has not been able to wake up and explain what happened to her,” added Lydia.The mother of two lapsed into a coma several times since her hospitalisation at the facility.

Kilelu was found lying helpless at the petrol station in Nyali on February 22 at around 2 am.

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Mombasa police commander Johnston Okasida Ipara explained that the Good Samaritan offered Kilelu to spend a night in her house, an offer that the police supported.

However, the next day, the Good Samaritan went back to the police post at around 9 am in the morning informing the police that Kilelu, who disappeared a month after burying her husband, could not move or respond to any call.

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Kilelu, who was wearing a black jacket and long grey dress, was found unconscious in a loose dress known as a dera. 

“She left her house on Thursday around 10 am and we don’t understand how she got to Mombasa. It is said that she was admitted on Saturday but no one can tell us what happened in the two days,” said a family member at the time.

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