Ways To Ensure Your Child Is Safe In School

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We have entrusted schools to take care of our children and ensure their safety within their compound. It is, therefore, disheartening and shocking when you hear reports of children being attacked or dying suspiciously under their watch. However, we can still do something to boost the safety of our children.

1.Have contact

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If your child is away in boarding school, take their class teacher’s number or the number of someone you can trust. Make sure your child knows your contacts so they can reach you in case of any problems.

Additionally, check in with the school frequently to see how the child is fairing on. Through keeping in touch, you’ll be able to tell if your child is okay or not.

2.Review School Policy

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When sending your child off to a new school, make sure you know how that school handles safety and emergencies. This will answer many questions regarding the school including visitor rules and emergency drills. You should also go through the rule book with your child to prevent them from getting in unnecessary trouble.

3. Inform school staff

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If your child has any medical conditions or allergies, let the school administration know. This will help them deal with your child according to the medical recommendation.

Ensure you provide all the necessary medications for their condition. Additionally, if your child has been a bullying victim before, you should let the school know so they can keep a close eye on them.

4. Establish a safety committee

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You can join hands with other parents in the school to form a committee that will specifically check on the school’s safety. The committee will conduct safety audits, design policies and enforce measures where children can report any issues. Parents can also volunteer and visit the schools occasionally to inspect their safety conditions.

5. Teach your child about safety

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Safety is as much your child’s problem as it is the school. Teach them what to do in case of an emergency. Give them numbers to call if they’ve been sexually assaulted.

If they’re in boarding school, teach them what to do when they leave school. Sometimes, it’s hard for schools to monitor over 400 students. Therefore, if each child took their safety into their own hands it will be easier for the school.  

6. Ask about the school driver

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Road safety is not usually an area of concern. However, there have been a number of school bus accidents which raises questions. Apart from vetting the teachers, the school staff should also be a cause for concern. Check whether the school driver is qualified to be driving children and whether he follows traffic rules.

7. Pay attention

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When your child comes home for the holidays, pay attention to their demeanour. You can tell if your child isn’t happy at school by their demeanour.

First, ask them directly how they’re coping in school. If they seem indifferent, encourage them to talk about it. Additionally, reading their non-verbal cues is very important. If they seem withdrawn, then something isn’t right. 

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