This is Why Matiang’i has changed tune on Huduma Namba

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i has changed tune on his push for Kenyans to register with the National Integrated Information Management System (NIIMS), Huduma Namba.

Matiang’i who has been very vocal echoing the need for registration now says that it is not mandatory.

Previously, he had argued that no Kenyan will be able to get faster government services without a huduma Namba.

But the no nonsense CS now says that the Court has advised them not to force Kenyans to register for the service, which they have indeed honored.

Through an audio posted by the Ministry of Interior, Matiang’i maintains that the ongoing mass biometric registration is not mandatory but a noble responsibility for all Kenyans to support the government streamline service delivery

He went on to affirm that people who opted out of the process would not be denied government services but rather face longer waiting periods during any government service requisition process.

“If you don’t have a huduma namba you will receive government services, but it will take an unduly and unnecessarily long time for the officers to serve you,” he revealed.

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