If you notice this, you are sharing your man

Men really know how to play romance games with women and still keep it a secret.

However, there are different types of men, the type who is in multiple relationships and this one is just a playboy.

Then there is that one who you’ve been together for some time but now he seems to be straying and you can tell that his attitude and feelings have changed.

You actually know or suspect who he could be in love with but he dismisses all your feelings.


Here are the signs he is into her and not you.

1. He seems disinterested

You feel like he has become distant. When you’re talking to him he seems bored and uninterested in what you have to say to him. He often makes you feel like you’re fighting for his attention and you feel it’s because of her.

2. He compares you to her
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He has occasionally mentioned that that certain girl would not do some things the way you do. When you do something wrong he will mention that she is different and he doesn’t like how you do some things.

3. A lot more arguments

You can argue about the smallest things especially when you tell him that his relationship with her makes you uncomfortable.

4. He gets defensive when you ask about her
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Does he get all mad and defensive about her? Every time you ask him about her he gets snappy and doesn’t like talking about it at all.

5. He lies about hanging out with her
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You found out that they hanged out but he would rather lie about it because he knows that you will be upset. If hanging out with her is not a big deal then why should he hide it?

6. You feel alone in the relationship
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You have started feeling like you’re alone in the relationship and you have most likely checked his phone and you have seen that he is in constant communication with this girl.

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If you realize that a man is in love with another woman then you should not compete with that person. You don’t need to compete or prove your worth to anyone.

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