Gospel artiste quotes Bible verse to defend alcohol addiction

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Ugandan Gospel artiste George Timothy Lubega alias Exodus shocked his fans after he used a Bible verse to defend himself from critics who pinned him for being an alcoholic.

Over time, netizens have always used his ‘Born Again’ background to allege that he might be a ‘Lost sheep’ since he spends a lot of time in bars than in church.

However, during an interview with nbs Uncut, Exodus claims that he spends time in bars while preaching the word of God through his music, and that if Jesus turned water into wine, why not take it now.

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“God is not stupid to let his son (Jesus) spend ‘40 years’ in the wilderness, and let him perform a first miracle of turning water into wine. That means taking wine isn’t bad as people assume,” Exodus stated.

From the Biblical teachings on Jesus turning water into wine, Christians learned more about how he did the miracles but not the wine part.

This follows Kenya’s Willy Paul who always quote the bible of “not judging for you will be judged by God” and the recent one with DK Kwenye Beat after infecting a lady with herpes.

He claimed that everyone sin differently and he has come back to the limelight.

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